Hi guys! I’m Christa Hardin, the owner of Reflections Counseling & Coaching and I work with people who are stuck in life. I am a relationship coach and licensed therapist and have a couple of degrees in psychology as well as one in communications, all of which I love incorporating in my R & R Relationship Repair Program and individual coaching programs. I love big cities, the beach, and writing in a major way (I’m kind of obsessed with words)! When I’m not chatting with fabulous people such as yourself, I’m usually hanging with my sweeties at home, working on a new idea, or outdoors enjoying God’s sunshine in beautiful Southwest Florida! To join me further in the fascinating conversation on how to become the very best version of yourself and to improve your relationships, visit me personally @ www.reflectionscc.com or www.christahardin.com  

I love giving my tribe freebies and valuable content of all kinds! If you like our blog, I know you will love being part of our scene so make sure you come and get our current freebie, The Overflowing Life: A Life Hack for the Overwhelmed & Overloaded from our website



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