The Supermom Sham

By Guest Blogger, Abigail Wilson, MA Social Services, Reflections Counseling Administratorbusy-mom

Ok ladies and interested gents! It is time to do something courageous and real!! Take 2 minutes and join me in this simple but important exercise.

1. Take a deep breath and admit you are human and not super-human! We don’t have superpowers and we can’t magically have a perfect life with the twitch of our nose! Repeat after me, “I am human and that is okay!”

2. Once you get this down pat, move on to the next statement, “If I ask for help when I need it, I will not be a failure, and I will be a success.” Let’s face it, if you are trying to keep up the appearance of having it all: a meticulous house, spotless perfect children, a perfect marriage, 2.3 kids and a dog that never sheds, all while baking cookies for PTA and volunteering or working, the truth is you likely lack sleep and burn the candle at both ends.

3. It is time to take five and let yourself not be perfect and for once! So, moving on…

4. Leave the dishes in the sink so you can enjoy some down-time! If you can bring yourself to follow these tips, you will be helping yourself in the long run and avoiding burnout…..which is bad.

Note: Burnout can occur at any time and can increase anxiety and depression and increase stress, so in order to avoid this, take care of yourself first so you can take care of others. Instead of fighting the ugly mommy wars some are intent on fighting, rely on each other and help each other out. Swap baby-sitting time, arrange for a play date so you can have a tea and unwind while the kids play together, do something for yourself while the kids are at their practices, splurge on a cleaning person even if it is for one hour per month (I do this and it is amazing to come home after a long day to a lemony fresh house, even though it is destroyed again by the end of the night), and don’t forget to save the end of the night for a wind down with yourself or you and your spouse.

If you need some more tips on not getting burnt out, call us at 941-301-8420 or write to us at



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