Esther’s Awakening – Preparing for God’s Royal Call on Your Life

true beauty

Do you need a reminder of your true beauty in Christ? If so, spend time with an RCC therapist preparing for God’s royal call on your life. In six sessions, you can get an awful lot of good insight and training for the journey! Please call us if you’d like to participate, or if you’d like to invite an RCC therapist to lead your small group or luncheon into a deeper and fuller relationship with the King! Here are the simple steps to this transforming time.

1st Session: ¨ Realize.  In your first session, you will be reminded of the biblical journey of Queen Esther, a strong, wise and yet humble and feminine leader of the Bible.  You and your therapist will draw a parallel to Queen Esther’s experiences, as you begin to realize your own journey as God’s royal daughter (1st Peter 2:9).  In addition to a traditional evaluation by a licensed therapist, you will get a treatment plan and an assignment related to your presenting issues.

2nd Session: ¨ Reflect.  In this critical step, you and your counselor will together unravel and reflect on secret threads of isolation, fear, and grief in your life, in light of the future hope you have in Christ.  Like Esther, there may be something keeping you from your true royal calling in Christ.  Your assignment will involve journaling, interviewing, or another reflective measure for awakening any past resentments, hurts, or hindrances.

3rd Session: ¨ Reveal.  In your third meeting, your therapist will gently guide you through difficult memories, truths, and any painful history you have revealed. Your therapist will offer inspiration, wisdom, hope, and light for your future, despite the difficult issues of the past.  Together, you will uncover the things still in darkness, and speak truth to the lies of the past and present.  Your assignment will involve pairing healthy ways of coping in present difficulties, instead of hanging on familiar but unhealthy habits.

4th Session: ¨ Restore.  Having decided to turn from unhealthy ways of dealing with your life’s issues, your new goal, like Queen Esther, is to devote yourself to purifying, restoring and prayer.  Your therapist and you will join together to stop the cycle of shame and sin in your life or family system.  Your assignment will involve permanently incorporating healthy and pleasing elements of spiritual, emotional, and physical self-care, and both inner and outer beauty.

5th Session: ¨  Reclaim.  In this session, you will revisit the story of Queen Esther, and tell your own story as well, including all of the parts of the journey towards healing.  In this meeting, you will prayerfully plant good seeds for future harvests in your life, and set new standards for godly and royal living as a beautiful daughter of the King, Most of all, you will reclaim a celebration of the present and good things to come!  Your therapist will also give you a special gift or memoir to commemorate your healing journey! *

Please call today at 941-301-8420 or write to me at if you need more details!


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