Ready, Set, Relate (In Your Marriage)!

                      ARE YOU READY TO RELATE?

What is RELATE?  The following six-step program, also called RELATE, makes up a simple, refreshing, and effective relationship repair program.  Designed by a marital expert, RELATE helps couples to work together to create the relationship they’ve always wanted.  When a couple is relating well together, they can thrive in the world far better than the two of them could have done on their own.  The steps to relate better in this program can be worked on individually, with a coach or counselor, or completed as a couple, if your partner is willing to give it a try!  Is your relationship worth the effort to RELATE?  Read here to find out!

A. The RELATE program is designed to aid a couple that is stressed, overloaded, bored, or otherwise desperate for more relationship satisfaction.  This program focuses specifically on restoring lost feelings of love or respect for one another, on reminding a couple of their greater commitment to their spouses and families, and of building them as a solid team once again, or even for the first time.

B. The RELATE program can help even just one member of a relationship to influence the relationship in a healthier way.  Even if the other person is unwilling to participate, a willing partner can make a great change in a relationship by trying new steps respectfully, even when the other is doubtful or uninterested in change.  It is often the case that both spouses are committed to the relationship, but only one wants help.  As most counselors know, when even one person makes healthy changes in a relationship, a family system often shifts.

C.  The R.E.L.A.T.E program is NOT for the couple that is uncommitted or unwilling to take part in change. Examples of this are where one or both partners are in complete withdrawal from the relationship, when one partner is happily caught up in an affair, when an individual is in an abusive relationship, and in other extreme situations.  In these instances, individuals and couples should pursue therapy or outside help more specifically tailored to their issues.

Call Reflections Counseling Center for RELATE Marriage & Relationship Coaching today, or for a copy of the RELATE book, at 941-301-8420!  Write us at!


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